Feverfew Rag Rug by Debbie Siniska

Rag Rugs - Old Into New

Rag Rugs - Old Into New by Debbie Siniska

Rag Rugs old into New is a new book (in a series of three) for rag rug makers everywhere.

Book one covers tools and materials with a little bit of history, a section on marking out your design, and some advice on colour and inspiration. 

Book two will take you step by step through several techniques, including hooky and proddy, and there are four great starter projects to get you going with this addictive craft.

Book three has seven exciting projects for you to work through, to further your skills and create some truly beautiful pieces, for you and your home.  

These books will encourage you to use recycled textiles, maybe your own or your families old clothing, or textiles you have reclaimed from elsewhere, to find your creative heart, and make beautiful tactile pieces using traditional hand tools and techniques.  Have fun!

Cost for the set of three books  -  £20 ncluding p&p in UK

email info@debbiesiniska.co.uk to order your copy.


Patterns from Rag Rugs - Old into New are available here.

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