Feverfew Rag Rug by Debbie Siniska


Children with their rag rug squares

I took my ‘Creativity in Schools’ project into primary and secondary schools in Kent,  in collaboration with Kent County Council's War on Waste team, to bring the importance of recycling home to kids in a fun way.
The pupils made banners, cushions and worked on group rugs, using traditional hand tools, and recycled clothing – and were encouraged to bring in old tee shirts to cut up and use along with the rag bag of prepared fabrics.  The project fitted in well with art and technology lessons. 

Children at work on their rag rugs

It got pupils creating their own colourful works of art, some students used the project as part of their GCSE coursework.  At a technical college in Sandwich the Ofsted inspectors had a chance to see the project in action and were very complimentary about the way the project addressed the importance of reusing and recycling, and getting the students to work creatively with their hands.

Brighton and Hove City Council along with Violea Environmental  sponsored the project in Brighton and Hove primary schools, and the project was televised by the BBC Southeast.i

l will  come and visit your school to do a day for your arts week, green week or environmental awareness week

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